About NFG Sarl

NFG Sarl is a private investment holding company incorporated under the laws of Switzerland with its registered office located in Geneva.

NFG Sarl is a diversified investment holding company focused on making strategic investments across multiple business units including insurance, reinsurance, insurance services, specialty risk and finance as well as financial products to commercial enterprises, with operations located throughout Europe, United States, Caribbean, Australasia and Africa.


Our Vision

NFG Sarl’s vision is to maintain and grow an independent, long term, sustainable financial institution. This is delivered through the alignment of interests with management teams, support from the group financial products and industry expertise.

All businesses activities are underpinned by a risk managed approach to business, alignment between parties, mutual trust and respect, and long-term fiscal prudence. 

NFG Sarl has a long-term vision, and by remaining privately held can deliver on long term commitments, ensuring fiscal stability and certainty.